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Advance IoT (Internet of Things)

Advanced Internet of Things (IoT) Certification

The Internet of Things is powering a new era of science and technology  and is transforming our lives in powerful ways, including our habits, behaviors, and even the way we do business. The world is changing at an incredible pace, with the number of IoT devices increasing by 31% year-over-year, totaling 8.4 billion in 2017. By 2022, it’s estimated that there will be 30 billion IoT devices, and a global market of $7.1 trillion.

Without a doubt, IoT is poised to play a central and defining role in the future of the world. Because of this, it’s more important than ever for IT experts to meet the demands of early adopters of this technology, and fill this ever-expanding skills gap. This is where Cognixia’s exclusive IoT course comes into play.

Why is Advanced IoT in demand?

IoT is fast becoming an indispensable part of our lives – often without us realizing it. Its applications extend to all areas of computing and internet connectivity, from the most commonly used devices (such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets) to the most complex devices. Homeowners can benefit from “Smart Homes”, while people with disabilities can use assistive technology such as voice control features to provide comfort and safety. The potential extends to almost any industry and facet of life, The data captured on these devices through sensors reveals interesting patterns that have immense value in business and marketing.

As businesses realize the huge value of the insights drawn from the IoT-device data, enormous opportunities for IoT specialists arise. The technology promises to enhance data resources, improve efficiencies, and increase productivity for organizations globally. If there’s ever been a fantastic time to leap into this path-breaking technology, it’s now.

Curriculum Overview

The course introduces advanced concepts and methodologies to design, build, and deploy IoT solutions, and discusses various technologies and protocols used for communication – including next-generation, IoT-friendly applications and physical-layer protocols. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of widely accepted IoT frameworks and standards.

The course covers popular, service-rich cloud platforms and focuses on how to build and deploy IoT solutions. Practical use cases and case studies are included to ensure that the participant develops an ability to work through real-life scenarios.

How can a certificate from UIT innovation Lab add value to my resume?

Uit innovation lab Internet of Things (IoT) certification is recognized and respected all over the Bangladesh. Its training programs have been recognized internationally for their quality and merit. Uit innovation lab Internet of Things (IoT) training programs have been the go-to knowledge and training source.

Prerequisites for the Course

The course is designed for professionals with at least a basic level of understanding of electronic circuit design, microcontrollers and programming languages, as well as knowledge of computer fundamentals.

Learning Outcomes

  • In depth understanding of IoT system, architectures, components and supporting technologies
  • Architecting end to end IoT system.
  • Understanding business needs and translating requirements into supporting architecture and models.
  • Analyzing existing business processes to understand and build technical strategy to develop need aligned technical solutions.
  • Understanding available technologies and selection criteria to define integrated solutions addressing scalability, interoperability and reliability.
  • Translation of customer requirements into technical specifications and Developing proof of concepts and prototypes
  • Expert level knowledge of IoT technology, tools and trends.
  • Sound understanding of core concepts, background technologies and sub-domains of IoT.
  • Knowledge and skills of sensors, microcontrollers, Single Board Computers (SBCs) – Raspberry Pi as prototyping platform and communication interfaces (WiFi/Bluetooth) to design and build IoT devices.
  • Knowledge and skills to design and build network based on client-server and publish-subscribe to connect, collect data, monitor and manage assets.
  • Knowledge and skill to write device, gateway and server side scripts and apps to aggregate and analyze sensor data.
  • Knowledge and skills to select/consume APIs, application layer protocols and web services architectures for seamless integration of various components (Device, Network & Cloud) of an IoT ecosystem.
  • Knowledge of standard development initiatives and reference architectures.
  • Understanding of deploying various types of analytics/Machine learning on sensor data to define context, find faults, ensure quality, and extract actionable insights.
  • Understanding of cloud infrastructure, services, APIs, and architectures of commercial and industrial cloud platforms.
  • Integration of IoT with enterprise and user applications (Mobile Phone/SCADA/Enterprise Apps)
  • Understanding of prevalent computing architectures – distributed, centralized, edge and Fog. (AWS Greengrass and Azure IoT Edge SDK edge gateway services)
  • End to End IoT Solution development and deployment on cloud platform.

Price: Tk. 20000


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